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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Swatches: New-for-2014 Finger Paints Nail Color Shades (and a sale update)

If you caught my post from a few days ago, then you know that Sally Beauty is having a three-day-only BOGOFREE sale on all polishes except for OPI. The last day for this sale is today, 2/27, and all you need to do is show the code in this post to the cashier at checkout (or enter the code at checkout if you're ordering online). You can see my swatches of some of the Orly Galaxy FX polishes, also available at Sally, here.

BUT DON'T WORRY IF YOU MISS THAT SALE: This is a little bit confusing, but all Finger Paints shades have been BOGOFREE for the entire month of February, so you actually have through tomorrow, 2/28, to get these in-store or online (just use the code in this post). All other brands except for OPI are BOGOFREE through today, 2/27. Also, all China Glaze polishes will be BOGOFREE for the entire month of March (click here to see the ad in the March flier), so if you can't get what you want today, you have a whole month to get your China Glaze fix (I suggest Sand Dolla Make You Holla).

Today I want to show you the new-for-2014 Finger Paints shades I purchased for BOGOFREE at Sally a few weeks ago. There are SEVERAL other new-for-2014 Finger Paints shades now available at Sally, but these were the four that caught my eye.

Finger Paints Nail Colors in:
Surreal Sunset, Monochromatic Mayhem, Go Baroque, Rockin' Renaissance
(retail: $5.29 each at Sally Beauty, 0.5 oz)

Surreal Sunset

 Three coats, no top coat

To my eyes, Surreal Sunset is almost a spot-on dupe for my favorite Orly polish of all time, Space Cadet. I don't have my bottle of Space Cadet with me right now (my mom's borrowing it) but I can do a swatch comparison at some point if anyone's interested. But from what I can remember, it's nearly identical, right down the sheerness of the formula. This one absolutely requires three coats, but oh it is worth it! Look at all that gorgeous multi-chrome goodness:

 Monochromatic Mayhem

 Three coats, no top coat

Momochromatic Mayhem was a real surprise for me. With polishes like this, I am so used to having the glitter floating around in clear base, or sometimes in a tinted base that's so lightly tinted, it might as well be clear. But the base color of this polish is a true magenta jelly! This makes is so that, to the naked eye, it appears like a full-coverage polish, even when there are spaces in-between the glitter. Nice, right? Here's a pic blasted with light, so that you can see that the glitter is not full-coverage even after three coats:

In real life, Monochromatic Mayhem is just gorgeous--my pics do not do it justice. This would be an absolutely stunning shade for toes this summer--it sparkles like crazy.

Go Baroque

  Three coats, no top coat

Sorry for the red spots in the pic above--this polish is so incredibly reflective in real life that it caught the reflection of the red shirt I was wearing when I snapped these photos!

There are a few polishes like Go Baroque currently on the market (Deborah Lippmann Baby I'm A StarMaybelline Gilded Rose,  etc.) so I should probably do a comparison post eventually to see just how close they all are to each other. In the meantime, I think the Finger Paints version is just lovely. It's a little sheer, but three coats yields perfect coverage. Also, considering that this polish has so much glitter and so many little flakies in it, it's INCREDIBLY smooth to the touch--shockingly so.  I didn't even need top coat. Also, in real life, this polish looks almost like solid gold lamé with pink sequins--it's so much prettier in person than in my pics.

Rockin' Renaissance

   Two coats, no top coat

Rockin' Renaissance is a textured polish that is a grape-ish mauve with lots of little gold flakes. I have nothing like it in my collection and the longer I wear it, the more deeply I fall in love with it. In certain lights, it takes on a deep, rose-gold quality, and no matter how many pictures I show you here, it really is one that you need to see in person to truly appreciate it. This one's almost a one-coater, but I of course used two, because I always use at least two coats of any polish I wear. 

Dry time for all of the polishes above was normal-to-good. I had no application issues with any of these polishes, although the base color of Monochromatic Mayhem was a little bit thin and watery, so you'll need to dab the glitter on in certain spots (as opposed to brushing it on).

Do you own any of the new-for-2014 Finger Paints polishes from Sally Beauty? If so, I'd love to know which ones you have, and how you've been liking them!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I got Rockin' Renaissance on a whim and, just like you said, grew more in love with it the more I wore it. For the first day or so I only saw it under poor indoor lighting and cloudy skies, but when I finally saw it in the sun I could fully appreciate how gorgeous it is! Just seeing it in the bottle definitely doesn't do it justice.

  2. I went so crazy with this sale, I was sure I'd gotten every Finger Paints I could ever want. But now I definitely need Monochromatic Mayhem! I was sure, like you, that it would be just another glitter in a clear base. So excited to see that's not the case!

    Also, I did some comparison swatches. Surreal Sunset vs Space Cadet, while not dead on, are pretty dang close. Gilded Coral and Go Baroque are for sure dupes. Also, I got Finger Paints Copy Cat, which I was amused to find was a copy cat of Essie Hors D'oeuvres. Finger Paints is such an underrated brand!

  3. I bought Surreal Sunrise a few weeks ago but somehow missed Monochromatic Mayhem. That is utterly gorgeous. Going back tomorrow for it because it looks amazing. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Also, I too, own Space Cadet and I believe it is darker than SS, but I'd love it if you do a side by side comparison. ;)

  4. I got three of the new flakies and I also got Peach Beach and Neo-Gothic Nude. I like Peach Beach because the glass flecks are so dense that it takes on a sparkly, almost metallic look with two coats.

  5. Why? Why? Why are these polished so alluring? There is Sally very close to me, so I could get these polishes tomorrow. All 4 could be mine for just $10.60; I could do that, but should I?

  6. Verrrry nice choices you picked there! I need Rockin' Ren!!! Glad I won't be late to the sale as I'm headed there tomorrow. :)

  7. Love this.... Omg i just went on a Sallys benge these last 3 days and went to 7 sallys beauty stores total... Lol yes 7 to stock up on all the nail polish i wanted with this bogof sale,,, because technically you can only use this code once but I actually found out you could use this code once per store and the limit was actually 3 bogof instead of 2,,, so i bought 50 polishes total lol YES 50 and have 2 surreal sunsets, now I HAVE TO GO BACK TOMORROW for Rockin Renaissance and Go Baroque,,,, Soooo excited, Thanks for this great information

  8. About the BOGOFREE nail polish except OPI sale at Sally's that ended today, you have to show them your e-mail so they can use the code. I went on Tuesday when the sale started since I read the e-mail that morning before work and they told me I had to print it out since I don't have a smartphone. So I went back today with my printed e-mail and they kept it after they used the six digit code.

    1. @ Yanny, thats one of the perks to having a smart phone, you dont have to print coupons. :-)
      And because I didnt have to print it, I was able to use it several times, thanks to the advice of one of the Sallys employees advice since I wanted sooo many and couldnt decide, however their were 2 Sallys that were sticklers but they still accepted the coupon. But either way if your checking for deals, Sally always has good deals

    2. Same thing happened to me but I do have a smartphone so I just pulled it up. It was 20 minutes before closing and was totally panicking in line while trying to get my crappy email app to load. the girls at my store hadn't even heard of the deal before I told them which really surprised me.

  9. I haven't looked at my Sally's flyer yet, but why do they have to put ChG on bogo all month long?! I thought I did so well yesterday not going to Sally's too...

    Now I have to buy all of the polishes.

  10. I LOVE Surreal Sunset. It kind of reminds me of Orly "Space Cadet" - which I have, but have yet to use. DUH

  11. I grabbed Surreal Sunset yesterday! And yes please do a side-by-side comparison of this and Orly Space Cadet! Beautiful swatches!

  12. I grabbed Go Baroque, wore it the next day, and could not stop looking at my nails. It's like nail jewelry!

  13. I NEED Surreal Sunset in my life.

  14. Painting with Surreal Sunset now! Want to see pictures of Peach Beach.

  15. I know that I bought two Finger Paints polishes from this sale, but I have reached the stage of polish addiction where I'm no longer sure sometimes which polishes I bought and which ones I put back on the shelf after considering buying them. Time to make a spreadsheet.

  16. Surreal Sunset is gorgeous, and I'd definitely be interested in a comparison post on Go Baroque. I'm not usually a fan of gold, but that one is speaking my language!


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